To: [a list]
Subject: A Perfect Moment
Date: Mon, 12 Oct 92 23:46:26 EDT
From: [me]

This evening I was returning from [somewhere] (details sometime maybe).

I was driving down the 'pike heading back east to Boston, alternating
between All Things Considered and my 'Dance Greats 1' tape, switching
to the tape to wake me up when I started losing focus on the fact I
was driving.

I was listening to the radio, they played something by Dead Can Dance
as filler at the end of the half hour. At that moment, I saw her.

The Moon, dim and a little red just over the trees ahead.

Beautiful. Exultant. But that wasn't the _perfect_ moment.

A minute or two later, I reached a long straight stretch of highway
pointed directly towards the moon, and at exactly the right incline to
place it dead ahead at the end of the road. I was traveling in the
fast lane, with the pedal pressed to the floor, pushed back in my seat
by the acceleration. I felt like I was driving to the moon.

It was very beautiful, and very special.

I sometimes feel that the universe evolved life so it could better
experience itself.